The home care agency should be willing to evaluate its clients to see if their conditions are suitable for home care best support services. A home care agency should be able to determine what services are needed and whether they will charge an hourly fee for each service rendered. A home care agency should make sure that its workers are certified by an agency that is not a member of the National Council for Occupational Health. A home care agency should also have a written contract for services signed by the client.

Best support services – Home Care Agencies: Questions to Ask for a Great Fit

The home care agency will have a list of recommended caregivers. These are licensed and trained medical professionals, therapists and aides who are skilled in performing the services described. The agency may also have references that can be used when the client is interviewing a caregiver agency.

The services rendered by the caregivers should include things like helping with bathing, dressing, bathing, eating and toileting, medication reminders, grooming and general supervision. The agency should provide daily check ups for the caregiver’s patients. It should also make sure that the home is clean. This includes removing medications and cleaning up after the client. Any changes in the lifestyle or environment should also be given some careful consideration.


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