When it comes to a solution to power your home with renewable energy, you’re probably thinking about one of two options: a solar vs. generator set. The most common way to power your home with solar power is by using a solar panel or generator. But SOLAR VS GENERATOR: WHICH IS BETTER?


Solar panels are very inexpensive and very easy to maintain. They’re even easier than the average car. With a solar panel, you just have to remember to store the sunlight that falls on your roof over the winter when the weather is bad, and when the sun is shining bright, you can actually harvest solar energy! This is known as solar power. But it’s not just about storing the sun’s light, it’s about getting more energy from the sun by using your own panels and generating electricity to power your household appliances.

Solar power is also clean and is totally free. This means there is no pollution from burning coal or oil to generate electricity. In fact, if you don’t have to spend money on buying any of those harmful non renewable sources of power, then solar power is for you. And it doesn’t hurt to take the extra step of using the less expensive option. Natural gas powered generators can be dangerous and pollute if it gets too hot, but you do have to pay a little bit more up front for a gas generator.


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