LoL Coaching is one of those niche things that many LoL gamers probably won’t mention, but which can be extremely helpful to your LoL success. League of Legends is probably one of the most quintessential online battle arena (MOBA} games around, and that’s why it’s so widely played. It is incredibly addicting, fast-paced action with a lot of strategic thinking required. LoL Coaching is what it sounds like a professional coach who queues up with you, or in this case, your entire team, at the start of every game to give you tips on playing the game better.

The problem with most coaches when it comes to LoL is that they are too busy giving their opinions and helping players to improve their gameplay rather than learning the actual fundamentals of the game. This is the main issue with most “lol coaching“. When you play LoL, you should focus on improving your individual gameplay, and not worrying about doing well against your lane partner or opposing junglers. If you actually learn how to beat the other players, you can actually progress very quickly because you will have a deeper understanding of all the mechanics and skills of the game, as opposed to just knowing a few tips that will help you to beat someone. In fact, even top level players need to improve their gameplay all the time, to keep up with the new strategies and patches that are being put into the game.

For those looking for an advice-able source of advice, the best place to go for advice on improving your game is on the official LoL forums. There are several good forums where you can ask questions about everything from beginner to advanced tips, from team building to starting jungling in order page domination. Many of the top-level players will be more than happy to answer your questions, and will even show you videos of themselves playing certain things in order to give you an idea of how they work. In addition to the great content, you will also be able to see the strategies that the pros are using in order to succeed in the game, and maybe even pick up a few nifty little tips along the way. These websites make it easy to find information on anything you want to know about playing LoL – whether it is the perfect strategy for beating your lane partner or getting on top of the opposition in the jungle.


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