As a general rule, a plain simple satin dress is usually among the most economical and popular examples of inexpensive mermaid wedding dress. However, if you want, you can always add some accent to it, like a nice flowing waistline, or even wear it with sparkling or expensive jewelry. But, in general, such a dress would suit only the girls with perfect body proportions. So, if you’re not really comfortable with your shape, this dress is not recommended for you, as mermaid dresses are generally more suitable for the petite women.

If you think that you have the perfect body type, then you might want to go for a mermaid wedding dress with flared legs. This will make you look taller and more appealing, giving you a perfect hourglass silhouette, and adding some extra height to your silhouette. Some styles of flared mermaid wedding dress have removable straps, so you can choose to wear it on the big day, or just leave it hanging down. The only drawback of having an adjustable strap is that it does make it difficult for you to take off your dress after the ceremony; nonetheless, many brides find this very cute.

The best thing about a mermaid wedding dress is that it adds height, yet maintains the perfect hourglass silhouette. You will find that these dresses are also very comfortable to wear, as they hug your body closely at the waist, and prevent it from flowing around. Also, the colors will be perfect for the beach wedding theme, and you won’t have any problems with overheating, as they’re made out of lightweight materials. Finally, they can be found in several different necklines, such as V-neck and sweetheart. You can even mix and match your mermaid wedding dress with traditional knee length gowns, adding a splash of color that will be a real style statement.


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