Agence interim roumanie was recruiting staff for the clients since 1994 with always being challenged by numerous requests for work abroad in various fields. The agency is seeking reliable European partners, so as to supply Romanian skilled labor force under multi-sourcing agreements. The companies, which are approaching this kind of recruitment need a lot of money in order to provide the high standard infrastructure and infrastructural support required to function as an outsourcing firm. This also helps them in saving a lot of money on employing qualified and experienced manpower whose skills they can use for their own firm.

The main benefits of hiring Romanian manpower via a multi-sourcing arrangement is that the costs involved in recruiting them via a single firm is considerably reduced and the chances of such a deal being unsuccessful are almost nonexistent. Also, the amount of money and time that would be needed in processing visa applications for both parties in a multi-sourcing agreement are considerably less than in a standard contracting contract. It should be noted that a Romanian recruitment agency cannot recruit permanent residence via a regular contract, which is another factor which would put off any potential applicant.

The recruitment company can however, identify specific skills that are relevant for both the local industry and its global clientele. Once these skills have been confirmed through a thorough evaluation of candidates, it would then be possible for both parties to strike a proper synergy and sign a legally binding contract that would grant full rights and privileges to one another. This could lead to a situation where the supplier company could decide to upgrade its facilities in the Romania or hire a skilled Romanian to do the same in its premises. Such a deal could, however, only be executed if both parties were capable of executing such a move without any risk taking capacity. Both sides should therefore agree upon the level of payment and benefit before entering into any kind of legal agreement.


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