The Argentine Embassy in the United States Promotes E-Sports

The Argentine Embassy in the United States organized a promotional event. Experts from the Cordoba and Mendoza provinces presented virtual presentations. This is the first time that the embajada has hosted this type of event.

One of the main topics of this event was the promotion of E-Sports. It is a growing industry in Argentina and is also registering significant growth in America Latina.

Another topic was a presentation on the videogames ecosystem in Argentina. Nicolas Crespo, the Fundador of the association of electronic sports in Argentina, spoke about the importance of this industry and its development. He mentioned that the argentine government was promoting the knowledge economy as a priority.

Several entrepreneur delegations arrived to the embajada. They were welcomed by the trade representative. Arguello then received his first meeting with the diplomatic staff.

The embajada argentina in the United States has also launched a website devoted to the debt case. The website contains a virtual library with over 200 documents and sources. Also, it explains the importance of the debt case and the role of international funds.

The embajada Argentina in the United States has also launched e-sports events in the US. For example, the Pan American Open will take place in Buenos Aires, as it is a qualifying event for the E-Sports World Championship in Bali.

Jorge Arguello arrived at the embassy in Washington DC at midday local time. The Argentine ambassador maintained telephone contact with consuls in various U.S. embassies and the White House.

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